CLAMPON Plastic Pipe Couplers

Our plastic pipe couplings serve as a self-locking pipe joint system for all HDPE and PVC piping. We have specifically designed our pipe couplings to eliminate the usage of expensive and time consuming welding equipment. With the CLAMPON Coupler System it is now possible to cut and join HDPE and PVC piping as required. 

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CLAMPON Slurry Pinch Valves

CLAMPON (PTY) Ltd manufactures maintenance-friendly and cost effective slurry pinch valves that do not compromise on good quality. The pinch valves are wholly manufactured in South Africa to working pressures of 2500 kPa.

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SABS Test Reports

At CLAMPON, we offer only the highest quality PVC and HDPE pipe fittings, pinch valves, and pipe couplings to the mining, waterworks, and other related industries in South Africa. Extensive tests were conducted with the South African Bureau of Standards and it was conclusively proven that our product designs exceed the highest required specifications.
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